When do you give up?

I didn’t start this blog to write post after post about how bad the economy is. I didn’t think the economy would have this kind of impact on my life. For the most part, I have avoided the kind of suffering people talk about in the news and have even dodged crises close to home. But this time I am one of many people in the throws of disaster, and it doesn’t look like this disaster is ending any time soon. 

So what is one to do? I have never come up against such a force, and I am sure that other people are just as frustrated. A usual prescription for unemployment is, well, applying for jobs. But what do you do when that doesn’t work? The answer is that there is nothing else you can do. You must preservere! This is much easier said than done. It is difficult to do the same thing over and over again with no success. This is not to say that I don’t learn new tricks on the way. Critiquing the self and constantly improving is a huge part of the process, and can actually be said to be a jem amongst all this mess. 

But, none of this negates the fact that you have to send out applications and that a majority of them are going to be rejected. This gets old. Just yesterday I was told I did not get a job I was sure as hell was mine. Boom rejection. Again and again and again. Fortunately, it starts to get easier each time. 

Since the answer to whether or not to give up is that you can’t, you have no choice, it’s best to think about how one can benefit from all of this. 

The first thing to mention is what I touched on earlier, the need to improve, such as continually editing your resume etc. Your entrepreneurial side will also come out. You keep meeting new people, and learning about new opportunities.

Best of all, you get the experience to work for free. And quite often you get to do a lot of things for free that you wouldn’t get to do if you were being paid. These things get tagged onto your resume. 

It is my hope, that some good will come out of all this experience. I believe something will happen. I have decided to devote an equal amount of time to job searching as I do to doing free work. This free work is what I am passionate about. Since you’re not getting money now, you might as well get experience and that is what I am going to do.


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