Crisis of Another Kind Draft 4


Mastering the universe
on a 24 year stride with hope
that could guide the force behind the stars
and inspire the people waiting in
coffee shops for their lives to come back.

Challenging earthquakes
of reluctance from the heroine heart
to break through ambiguous paths,
to find that place where hope still resists
all attempts of extermination. 

Untieing  the knot of the self,
the fault finding urge to seek
blame within this guiltless soul
and quite forget the refuge and
joy in the universality of this suffering. 

Together let’s re-install the mirror of criticism
to some place far from here where those
who sit in castles may themselves
dwell on what they’ve done here. 

Someday, the church bells that ring on a Sunday 
will once again remind us of peace. And the sun in the
sky will no longer be ominous, like some cruel trick. 
Somewhere, some order must once again reign.
The hopes of a generation cannot forever go unanswered.


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